10 Stunning 3D Design Ideas for Small Spaces: Transform Your Home with Virtual Reality

10 Stunning 3D Design Ideas for Small Spaces: Transform Your Home with Virtual Reality

by | Apr 14, 2023 | 3D Design | 0 comments

3D design for small spaces is now possible with the steady advance in technology.

Your home is no exception, and Tilt Brush was invented in 2016 making it possible to add drawings and designs to your walls using an app. Now there are a lot more apps that have different features to use at home.

Microsoft Maquette

This is free so try it, an easy application that creates user interfaces that make creating quick and simple to follow. Create some 3D objects, but first, watch the 20-minute tutorial to get the hang of it.


Similar to Marquette, but with multi-user capabilities. This enables the user to work on 3-D projects with another person, giving you both an idea of how the finished product will look.

Sculpting Tools Medium

Allows you to create 3D sculptures to look stunning in your home. If you can’t find the program it was sold to Adobe. However, it is easy to use and creates curved shapes really well.

Tilt Brush

If the children have been unleashing their artistic creativity on the walls, they can now do so safely and virtually with Tilt Brush. There are a lot of great brushes creating various effects making it perfect for experimenting with strokes and colors.

3D Design for Small Spaces


Create some animation in your home, and move the objects around the walls. In a small space, this means that the scenery changes every day without having to rely on an interior designer. Have your decor reflect the seasons with falling leaves and greenery.

Trompe l’oeil

This is a French phrase meaning to trick the eye. It is a term used in the art world to create an optical illusion of three-dimensional space it tricks the viewer into thinking that perceived spaces are real It can be cleverly used in your small house to make a room look much bigger.


Carefully positioned Mirrors can create an illusion of space in your home. Consider having a whole wall of mirrors to make your rooms look bigger or to create a virtual 3D hallway.

Lighting Zvork

Use virtual 3-D lighting to light your Portraits or special artworks. Go to the link below to see how it works in your home or Gallery.


Use a 3-D home design tool to plan your furniture to fit your small space. Not only will you have bespoke furniture, but it will also be stunning.

Plan Your Room

You can now plan every room in your house using the 3D room planning tool. When space is at a premium every centimeter counts, so start today.


Become the architect of your own home by using 3D design for small spaces, not only will your home look bigger, but you will be able to incorporate lots of storage into your clever design plan.